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Frequently Asked Questions:

How Does a Points Program Work?

WorldMark owners will buy a designated amount of points that will renew either annually or every other year. The amount of points that allotted will determine the extent of the vacation benefits.  These credits can be spent like currency to reserve a vacation at any WorldMark or Wyndham Worldwide Resort. Every location, season, and day of the week is assigned a point value.  Weekends and seasons that are generally in higher demand will carry a higher point value.  Each resort location has its own established point value, much like the time of year.  Typically the seasons are labeled as Red, White and Blue.  Red is generally a more sought after time of year, such as Independence Day and New Year’s. Any unused vacation points will transfer into your account for 12 months.  These points are saved automatically and will stay in your account for 24 months before they expire.

What is RCI, and How Do I Exchange?

RCI is the world’s largest timeshare exchange company. WorldMark’s affiliation with RCI provides the opportunity to exchange into over 5,300 resorts in over one hundred countries. Any unused or expiring points can be deposited into RCI’s spacebank of available resorts. Once the points are deposited, a request can be made to reserve a vacation at any resort that is comparable to the value of the deposited credit. If available, your banked points will be traded, or exchanged, for your requested vacation. This extends the timeframe in which you can utilize your points, and allows you to travel beyond the WorldMark collection of resorts.

What are the Benefits of Timeshare Versus Standard Vacationing?

There are many benefits to owning a timeshare versus planning individual vacations! First, timeshare accommodations are typically apartment style suites, versus a standard hotel room. Separate bedrooms, living areas, and dining areas mean there is room for a whole family or larger group to spread out and maintain privacy. Additionally, most timeshare units feature either a kitchen or kitchenette, with cookware and tableware, meaning guests can save money by preparing meals in the unit. Many timeshare resorts offer activities and amenities that are more comprehensive than a typical hotel or resort.  Additionally, vacation are completely necessary for maintaining a healthy balance of work and life, alleviating stress, and providing unforgettable family memories, and with a timeshare ownership you are guaranteed at least one valuable vacation per year at a great price!! So click on Ask A Specialist and find out about buying a WorldMark timeshare today!