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A Timeshare is a type of vacation ownership when a piece of real estate is divided among a number of individuals. Rather than owning and maintaining an expensive second home, a timeshare provides the opportunity to purchase an interval of time in a fully furnished resort or condominium for a fraction of the cost of full vacation home ownership. For only an initial purchase price and an annual maintenance fee, timeshare owners have a designated vacation either annually or biennially.

WorldMark is a points-based timeshare program, which allows for greater flexibility in your vacationing. When you buy into WorldMark, you purchase a designated amount of points, or credits, that renew either annually or biennially. Each resort, unit size, season, day of the week, and length of stay is assigned a points value, and rather than being locked into a specific unit for a specific week, WorldMark owners can choose any vacation available based on their specific parameters.

Another feature associated with timesharing is the ability to exchange your vacation property with someone else’s. This allows you to obtain vacation accommodations in locations throughout the world. There are typically 3 ways you can exchange your timeshare: Direct Exchange with an individual owner, exchange through the resort’s private exchange program, and exchange through a timeshare exchange company. WorldMark is affiliated with RCI, the world’s largest exchange company, allowing access to over 5,300 resorts worldwide!